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Do you feel good when you go into your living-room or dining-room? Or do they look rather tired?
The focal point of your home is your living-room. It needs to be both cosy and practical, comfortable and stylish, or at least inviting. It's a place for family relaxation but also for entertaining friends.

Designing a living-room can be difficult since you want to balance these various needs - comfortable, yes, but also well-organised and easy to tidy up, for when your guests drop in.
Another, practical problem is that many living- and dining-rooms suffer from poor wall insulation.

Transforming your living-room or dining-room

We can remodel your living-room or dining-room, or both – changing the layout, creating new spaces and recesses, installing a new floor, etc. – so that they look fresh and new.

Our services include:
  • Recessing of radiators and lights
  • Concealing of curtain tracks
  • Adding shelving
  • Installing insulation
  • Maximising use of space
  • Creating featuring walls

If you know what you want, we can do it for you. If you don't, we'll advise you as to how remodelling can transform a room. And if you want the whole house redone, we can do that too.

Improve your insulation
If you have poor wall insulation, we can improve it, as well as your energy rating. If you have a cold bridge, a weak spot in the insulation surrounding your house where cold air passes through, we can eliminate it. Better insulation means reducing draughts and air loss – thus reducing the amount of air you have to heat. That saves energy and money, and makes a room more comfortable.

See below examples of our Living-room and Dining-Room Remodelling