Multiwall Polycarbonate Roof

Side Passage Roof | Side Passage Shed

The homeowner had a wide but irregularly shaped side-passage, and wanted to use it for extra storage and install a shed. Our solution – custom-made side-passage roof/side-passage shed, custom-made to fit any space – was perfect.

  • We replaced the front gate and created a short wall nib to support the new gate.
  • At the back, in line with the back wall, we installed a timber-wall nib and an extra gate, and fitted the gates with more secure key locks.
  • For the roof timber rafters we used 16mm tinted bronze multiwall polycarbonate and brown aluminium bars.
  • We closed the gaps between the gates and roof with TGV boards.
  • A new gully-trap and guttering were installed to take the rainwater.
  • We double-coated all timber with decking oil.

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