Multiwall Polycarbonate Roof

Side Passage Polycarbonate Roof

The homeowners had a side passage that they weren't using much because it had been neglected.

They were now storing kids bikes and outdoor toys in their shed. They wanted to use the shed for its original purpose and the side passage for storage.

  • We replaced the badly damaged front gate to the side passage.
  • We installed an extra gate at the other end, to divide the new storage area from an outdoor sitting area.
  • We installed a custom-made roof for the side passage, combining a timber structure with 16mm multiwall polycarbonate.
  • We covered the side block wall with beautifully warm-coloured shiplap cladding board that matched all the new timberframe.
  • We closed the gaps between the tops of the two gates and the roof with shiplap cladding board.
  • We applied a special oil to give all the timer and shiplap cladding a lovely warm colour.

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