Multiwall Polycarbonate Roof

Side Passage Shed & Outdoor Seating Area

The client had bought a house with a good-size garden but no shed. The side passage was unusually shaped – narrow at the front and wider at the back. There were a couple of options for installing a new shed in the back garden to store the family's garden tools and kids' bikes, etc.
The client also wanted a design for an outdoor seating area for family and friends.

  • Since the wall at the side of the house is of a good length (10m), and the side passage is quite wide, we came up with the idea of creating both projects in the same area.
  • We used two-thirds of the length for the shed/storage and one-third for the outdoor seating area.
  • Two wall nibs with gates were installed at each end of the designed shed area.
  • For the seating area, we installed a timber wall with screen and an opening to access the area. To ensure privacy, security and protection from wind and rain, the side timber fence panels were covered with cladding boards.
  • In the side-passage shed, we installed timberframe shelves, storage boxes and a small workbench

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