Multiwall Polycarbonate Roof

Raised Roof for Side Passage Shed

The family had a side passage, with a door opening onto it from the house, that they wanted to make more use of. It was perfect for extra storage.

Specifically, they wanted to store bikes in the passage to keep them out of the rain and to keep a clothes drying rack there. The side fence also needed to be covered with a contemporary timber wall.

  • We installed a polycarbonate roof right along the length of the side wall.
  • We fixed a timberframe and shiplap cladding board onto the side fence in such a way that the fence panels are not blocked and thus can be easily replaced if necessary.
  • To ensure good security, we installed new front and back gates, and closed the space between the gate-tops and roof with TGV timber planks.
  • We applied white paint on all timber to give the area a bright and spacious appearance
  • A storage shelving unit with a small work bench was installed at the garden end.
  • As one of the kitchen windows was looking to the side, we installed a floating shelf that can accommodate hanging baskets, to improve the view from the house.

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