Multiwall Polycarbonate Roof

Allan's Multiwall Polycarbonate Roof

The polycarbonate roof was installed to provide a sitting area outside regardless of the weather, as well as a place for a clothes drying rack and extra storage for baskets, boxes, toys, bicycles, etc. Since smoking is not allowed indoors, the space also serves as a dedicated smoking area for family and friends! This rain shelter extends not only along the back of the house but also along the side passage.

  • Polycarbonate sheets were installed along with wall timber cladding to give a rustic look.
  • An L-shaped garden bench and triangular table were set up in the sitting/smoking area.
  • Shelving for extra storage was created under the kitchen window.
  • A drain system was installed.
I thought that we needed an extension at the back of house, but this excellently designed rain shelter actually works better. Now we have a lovely outdoor sitting & smoking area, plus extra storage. I'd recommend this solution to all homeowners with a similar space.
–  Maria, Manorfield, Dublin 15

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