Pergolas / Canopies / Verandas


This was an interesting challenge – to convert a three-unit pet shelter into a modern garden seating area, to include a small kitchen and storage.

It also had to accommodate the family's morning coffees and daily smokes as well as garden parties.

  • We extended the existing block walls and raised them to make space for the outdoor seating and garden kitchen. We covered all walls surrounding the seating area with timber cladding.
  • We installed an insulated board on the kitchen wall to give more thermal comfort, reorganised old kitchen units from the house to fit the layout, and installed a small storage room at the back of the kitchen.
  • A canopy was set up over the seating area and the garden kitchen was created with timberframe and 25mm Bronze Multiwall Polycarbonate. This ensures privacy for the garden seating while letting light into the garden kitchen and storage area.
  • We installed shiplap cladding boards on the garden block boundary walls to match the new design, used sandstone for the floor and a path, and laid out artificial grass on the remaining area of the garden.

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