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Garden Office Pod

With more and more people working from home these days, the Garden Office Pod is a popular choice. In this case, our client wanted something extra: not just a garden office, but a pod that could also be used occasionally as a garden recording studio for a family member.

We had, therefore, to design a garden pod that would meet the client’s dual requirements. First of all, the office had to be large enough to provide space for an office desk and a sitting area.

The spacious size – 3x4m – can easily accommodate an office desk along with shelving and storage units, as well a sitting area for business meetings. To ensure that the garden office can also be used, when required, as a home recording studio, we installed 150mm wall insulation, acoustic plasterboard and triple-glazed windows and door.

As an extra amenity, we installed a composite deck to link the client’s home with the new garden room – a spacious area that can also be used for outdoor seating.

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