Bathroom Design

Allan's Bathroom

The remodelling here transformed the bathroom, giving it a more contemporary look, while also improving the ergonomics and insulation.

  • The bathtub, washbasin and WC were replaced and relocated. A shower bath was installed instead of a standard bathtub.
  • A straight wall line was created to avoid boxes for drainpipes, water supply, WC and washbasin.
  • A recessed wall unit was created for the back of the washbasin and shelving was created to maximize use of space.
  • Travertine natural stone was used for the walls and floor, giving them a lovely warm-hued look and allowing easy cleaning.
  • Ceiling spotlights were installed, as well as an extractor vent;
  • Kingspan insulation was installed in the outside wall, and moisture-resistant board in all the walls.

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